• Scandinavian Design | Notem Studio Notebook Collection Review

    Read our review of Notem Studio's notebook collection with the MILO undated planner as well as VITA and UMA notebooks. With a focus on space and light, Notem Studio's products add a touch of minimal flair to your stationery collection with its timeless patterns.

  • Work from Home Stationery and Storage Supplies

    It's always a good time to refresh your Work From Home set-up! Here are our favourite stationery and storage supplies from Appointed, Blackwing, Aykasa and Hightide that will brighten up your home office and boost your productivity.
  • How to Repurpose an Expired Dated Planner

    Last year's cancelled plans resulted in an empty calendar? 5 ideas for how to repurpose an expired dated planner with washi tape, stickers and cards

  • And Then HK 介紹及訪問

    非常感謝  Andthenhk  的介紹及訪問,這是我們第一次受訪,希望大家可以對我們有更多了解  And Then HK 是一個全新的生活消費網站,介紹香港不同的餐廳、小店及本土品牌,推動香港良心經濟圈。希望大家繼續支持我們及And Then HK    👉🏻 點擊此閱讀全文 ...
  • 北歐風熱潮 x 觀廈北歐文具小店 x Paper & Cards Studio

    近幾年十分流行北歐風,亦都是網紅拍照的必備元素,不論是家品、時尚服飾、餐廳咖啡店、文具等等都總會與「北歐」兩字牽上關係!除了在大型商場中的連鎖店可以見到,亦都可以於隱秘的觀塘工廈入面的 Paper & Cards Studio 搵到更多元化的北歐文具! 除了比較常見的文具品牌,Pap...