Feeling Unproductive? 4 Steps to Refresh and Reorganise your Workspace

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As 2021 continues to fly by, our productivity and motivation may begin to dwindle as we keep ourselves busy with the same routine day and day again.

If you’re also feeling this way, you’re not alone! No matter if you’re back at school, at the workplace or still working from home, reorganising your space is one of the best ways to refuel your motivation. Other than that, there are plenty of ways to regain some traction and start hustling. To start off with, here are 4 easy steps to get you going and reaching for your goals again. 

Step 1: Organise and Declutter 

Clutter is the biggest enemy to productivity, so roll up your sleeves and clear away the distractions sitting around your desk. Keep those loose papers, stray sticky memos in check with these nifty organisation tools that we absolutely love!

 Poi Co. Origami Holder 

If you’re always on the go, don’t miss out on this minimal and beautifully crafted origami folder to hold anything from business cards, receipts, notes and tickets all in one place. Each envelope is individually hand-folded in Korea with premium Japanese paper and bound with a custom-dyed elastic band. 


Poi Co Origami Holder Paper & Cards Studio HK


 Tools to Liveby Paper Clips 

These are no ordinary paper clips. With their vintage-inspired design and carefully adjusted proportions, they can hold all your important papers together without leaving an annoying crease. Or, why not use them as bookmarks for your agenda and books? 


Tools to Liveby Paper & Cards Studio HK


If you want more ideas for boosting productivity at your home office, head off and read our other post about working from home here!

Step 2: Find the Right Tools

You can’t excel at what you do without the right tools! Useful accessories are great companions in helping you ace every task with precision no matter how small. Here are 3 high-quality and durable stationery tools that will make your workflow smoother than ever. 

 Hightide Calculator

If you’re someone who crunches numbers on the regular, you’ll definitely love this sleek and simple calculator from Hightide with a foldable stand and anti-slip rubber base. 


Hightide Calculator Paper & Cards Studio HK Stationery



 Penco Brass Timbre Mechanical Pencil

As much as how convenient it is to keep everything digital, there really is no replacement for the feeling of analog writing. As one of the most popular products of Penco and collaboration item with Japan's famous Kitaboshi pencil, this mechanical pencil boasts a high quality body made from cedar wood and brass. Enjoy smooth, comfortable writing and warmth of wood on paper! A lead sharpener is included. 


Penco Brass Timber Mechanical Pencil Paper & Cards Studio Stationery HK


 A Design & Life Project Brass Ruler 

Tired of the same old plastic rulers? Stand out from the crowd by adding this functional and vintage-inspired brass ruler to your pencil case, created by A Design and Life Project from Taiwan. 


A Design & Life Project Brass Ruler Paper & Cards Studio Stationery HK


Step 3: Plan Ahead for Your Tasks

If you want to get ahead of your to-do list, try writing them down first! Writing things down won’t only prevent you from forgetting it, it can also help your brain process your tasks better. Plus, it’ll fight off procrastination by giving you that rush of satisfaction every time you tick off a checkbox!


 Season Paper Co Desk Pad 

Keeping a handy desk pad in your workspace makes it loads easier to jot down important dates and ideas. This desk pad from Season Paper Co lets you view all your week’s tasks at a glance with spaces to write down notes at the bottom. They come in all sorts of cheerful and cute patterns too! 



Season Paper Collection Desk Pad Planner Paper & Cards Studio Stationery HK



◆ Knoop Works Time Planner Memo Pad

We all have the same 24 hours in a day...why not make the most of it? Make full use of your work day and plan out each session in the shape of a pie-chart in this time planner memo pad from Knoop Works. 


Knoop Works Time Planner Memo Pad Paper & Cards Studio Stationery HK


Step 4: Personalise and Decorate!

If your workspace is getting a bit dreary, why not decorate it with a personal touch? Studies have proven that putting personalised items and decorations at your desk can switch up your mood and even strengthen the relationship between you and your workspace! If you have a blank wall, why not put up some photos of your family, pet or some cheerful illustrations to brighten things up?

Cai & Jo Art Prints

If the Monday blues got you down, why not try a change of scenery at your workspace? These wonderful, nature-inspired illustrated prints from Cai & Jo will get rid of bad vibes and feel like warm rays of sunshine on your wall. Printed on smooth, recycled paper from Italy. 


Cai & Jo Art Prints Paper & Cards Studio Stationery HK



Show off a bit of personality and humour with these cheeky enamel pins, perfect for decorating pencil cases, work bags or even your own jackets or hats!


pppppins Enamel Pins Paper & Cards Studio Stationery HK

Are you ready to kickstart your productivity? Tell us about your new work goals and ideas in the comments below!

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