Looking for the Perfect Notebook? 10 Unique and Functional Notebook Recommendations

Depending on who you are and what you do, there are so many different notebooks that can help you keep up with your tasks and supercharge your productivity.

We know that choosing the perfect notebook is never easy, so check out our personalised guide for every notebook user depending on what you do and your writing habits. 

Notebook Recommendations Paper & Cards Studio Hong Kong hk

For Hardworking Students

With their vibrant colourful covers, Season Paper Co's notebooks will definitely motivate you to bring them to class or lectures. Each page has a space for a heading and date, so they're great as a subject or course notebook. With its slim and flexible softcover, you can fit it in your backpack or school tote with all your other books and notes.


Always forgetting your notes and planner at home? Manage all your report due dates and tasks all in one place with this 3-in-1 notebook from Poi Co. With a Weekly Planner, To-Do List and Notepad hand-sewn and bound together, this beautiful and functional notebook is your best companion for your studies!


For Busy Office Workers

Appointed Notebooks are well-known for their refined, minimal aesthetic and American-made quality, so they will seamlessly fit in your workspace with their sleek and professional designs. Available in blank/line/dot grid for all work purposes, great for jotting down meeting notes, checklists and all your ideas. 

Colours include Chambray Blue, Oxford Blue and Linen White.

Sage Green and Dove Gray are only available in dot grid. 




If you like sharp colours and bold patterns but want to keep it as minimal as possible, look no further than OLA's stylish designs that add a bit of flair that enhances but doesn't distract your workflow. Its layflat binding makes it super easy to write on, and can carry in work bag along with your laptop and documents. Browse OLA's playful and chic designs that make work at the office more fun and bright!


Available in Blank and Lined options:

For Imaginative Artists and Designers

Let your creativity loose with the Drawing Note by Trolls Paper, semi-bound so you can lay flat the smooth pages for sketching and colouring. The cover was specifically designed with light beige colour to reduce eye fatigue,  

Embossed with an inspirational quote by Van Gogh, you'll definitely want to start creating every time you see the cover. 

Available in Blue or Light Gray

 Drawing Note - Blue TROLLS PAPER Hong Kong Stationery Artist Sketchpad Drawing



Aside from its chic and minimalist design, Katie Leamon's Wiro Notebook also gives you the best of both worlds with both blank and dot grid layouts in the same page spread. While blank pages are great for sketching and freeform drawing, grids are perfect for planning perspectives, graphs, diagrams, making it the ultimate notebook for artists and designers. 


Wiro Collage Notebook, Blank and Dot Grid KATIE LEAMON Hong Kong Stationery Design Designer Minimal Minimalist

 For Multitasking Full-time Mums / Dads

We know that stay-home parents already have a lot on their hands, so we recommend a light and handy notebook to remember all the tasks and errands that come with running a household. These pocket notebooks from Clap Clap have beautifully-illustrated covers, and are perfect for journaling fun home activities and ideas to do with your family!


Wild Animals Notebook - Cream, Lined Hong Kong Stationery Cute Pattern Rabbits Plants Flowers Clap Clap



A lot of responsibility comes with being a stay-home mum or dad, so this Year Task Book from Appointed will help you stay on top of your daily housework tasks, home projects, recipes or expenses. Plus, this sturdy hardcover will be sure to withstand all the hustle and messiness that comes with handling little children. 


For Wandering Travellers: 

If you're always on-the-go and ready to explore your next destination, then you'll need a notebook that is slim and portable enough to fit even in your pocket! This mini pocket book set from Season Paper Co is your perfect companion for your travels. With both blank and grid layouts, you can scribble down anything wherever you are in the world. 


 SEASON PAPER COLLECTION Foxes Mini Pocket Book, Blank and Grid Hong Kong Stationery Ivory Paper

If you're a travelling scrapbooker, this hardcover will keep all your tickets, photos and snippets of your trip safely in its pages. Its sturdy and vibrant hardcover can also act as a writing surface when you don't have access to a table.


Spot Craft A6 Notebook, Grid Paper Poetry Hong Kong Stationery Design Designer Colourful Hardcover Paint Crafted Nature


We have a selection of notebooks with various layouts and paper options tailored for different needs! What kind of notebook do you prefer? Do you like using plain, lined or grid layouts? Don't forget to tell us in the comments below! 

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