5 Ideas for How to Repurpose an Expired Dated Planner

Suppose at the end of 2019, you went to your favourite stationery shop and picked out a lovely dated planner - a blank canvas to welcome all the exciting new things that will happen in 2020...except the year took a great turn and almost every plan from your to-do had to be cancelled or postponed. Now that it's already 2021, you must be thinking what to do with your dated planner just hibernating away in your desk drawer with nothing scrawled on it at all.


When talking about repurposing your planner, you can either make use of the set-in dates or completely ignore them and write out of the box! Let's jump into some ideas with the first one:


1. Dream Diary, or Morning Pages

Ever wake up in the morning with an amazing dream and you don't want to forget it? Try putting your planner and a pen by your bedside and remember to jot down all your best dreams or even your strangest nightmares. With a dated planner, you can simply write your dreams down on the space of the same date last year.
Speaking of writing in the mornings, you can also try and use your planner as a "Morning Pages" book. It simply means writing down anything you think of when you just woke up to clear your thoughts before starting your day.

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2. Quote Journal 


Sometimes, you just happen to stumble across an amazing quote in a book, on an Instagram post or even something super inspirational said by your best friend. That's where a Quote Journal comes in to help you save it into a collection that you can read over when you're feeling stuck and need a pick-me-up. Just fill in each date with your quote and by the end of the year, you'll have 365 quotes to get you going! 


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3. Just Reuse It!


So you bought a beautifully-crafted planner with a pretty cover but it still says '2020' on the cover. Turn on your creativity switch and spice it up by redecorating the cover with the cute stickers you've been saving up to use.

We love these elegant and minimalistic stickers from South Korean studio Ourjoy with its muted and soft palette:

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If you're really nit-picky about the dates on the inside, there's nothing a roll of washi-tape or correction-fluid can't fix! Or even better, try overlaying these numbered stickers over the old dates and your old planner will be good as new!


ourjoy Korean date stickers Stationery Hong Kong Minimal Office Paper & Cards Studio



Okay, so you're the kind of person who doesn't like to follow the rules and want to repurpose your dated planner in a special way. Don't worry, we got you covered! Why not try turning your planner into a... 


4. Scrapbook


Sometimes, your finds on Pinterest are too inspirational not to print them out and stick them onto a scrapbook to look at! Or maybe you want to remember all your happiest memories from 2019 (or 2020!) like photos and post-its and keep them in a place where you can look over time and time again. 

Check out our favourite scrapbooking supplies that will add a dash of colour to your spreads!


Monthly Washi Tape

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5. Sketchbook


For all aspiring and professional artists, here's some good news for you! Did you know you can reuse your dated planner by turning them into a sketchbook? Sometimes, the grids and lines of your planner can even give you a new perspective or guideline for planning your art! Or if you're more carefree like me, let your inner child run free and doodle along the margins like your old school textbooks.

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There are so many ways to bring out all those expired dated planners from the depths of your notebook collection. Do you have any other repurposing ideas for your dated planner? We'd love to hear from you, so leave a comment below telling us what you think!


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