Our Favourite Stationery Picks from Around the World

Paper & Cards Studio Stationery Picks from Around the World


Here at Paper & Cards Studio, we’re all about bringing stationery from around the world to you. We’ve curated a few of our favourite brands so you can explore the world and enjoy the scenes right on your desk! 



OEDA Letterpress from Japan


With cult-level brands like Hightide, Penco, Midori and mt masking tape, Japanese stationery is loved by stationery aficionados across the globe. When it comes to innovation and overall quality, Japan is well-known for great product design as well as its attention to every little detail. 

Quality paper has always been part of Japan’s vocabulary, and Oeda Letterpress has the perfect collection for you to experience the beauty of letterpress printing. All of their paper products are hand-printed with a classic Heidelberg machine in a small studio in Osaka, Japan. Don’t forget to check out the collection of notecards, letter sets and masking tape!

South Korea

Trolls Paper from South Korea

While well-known for its bustling city life, K-dramas and delicious food, stationery may not be the first thing that comes to mind for South Korea. Despite this, there are quite a lot of hidden gems scattered across the country’s stationery scene.

Trolls Paper is a stationery brand that creates quality paper products fit for designers and creatives. Their collection features notebooks, memo pads and stickers with muted pastel colours and minimal designs, which are great for journaling and scrapbooking. A big bonus is how all their products are sustainably made, and free from plastic or vinyl coatings. Browse the extensive collection of Trolls Paper here!  


The Completist from the United Kingdom

Leaping across the Atlantic, we land in the UK, famous for the red double-decker buses, pubs, rock music and of course, its infamously dreary weather. 

If you like things with a bit of personality, The Completists’s stationery collection might just be the right fit for you! Their notebooks are extraordinarily bold, bright and colourful, contrasting against what might seem like endless rain in the UK. Another special point is that the inner sheets are made with music sheet paper from a family-run book maker. Make sure to feel the paper’s texture the next time you encounter a notebook from The Completist! 


Season Paper Collection from France


While the first things to come to mind when thinking of France may be the fashion scene and delectable pastries, their stationery is not to be missed either!

Other than designing wallpapers, Season Paper Collection also creates notebooks and planner pads with beautiful and colourful covers inspired by sceneries in nature. From pocket-sized notebooks to weekly planner pads, each notebook is the perfect ingredient to brighten up your desk’s scenery! 


Notem from Denmark


Moving up north, Scandinavian design has always been synonymous with minimalism, and so goes the same for its stationery brands, with the notable Kikki K and Kartotek coming to mind immediately. Discover Danish brand Notem Studio, that captures the essence of Nordic minimalism with clean colours and sleek patterns. 

Check out our review for Notem’s UMA, MILO and VITA notebooks! 


Appointed Co. from the United States


What comes to mind when you think of America? Is it the scenic landscapes, Hollywood movies or its (almost ridiculously) large food portions? The US is known for classic brands like Field Notes, pattern-speckled Rifle Paper Co. and the famous Blackwing pencils (which we stock as well!). 

Originating from Washington DC, Appointed boasts all American-made materials for all their notebooks and stationery, Appointed notebooks and planners are the epitome of functional, minimal and beautiful stationery. Appointed Notebooks look great on any desk, and fit in seamlessly in any office setting. If you’re still pondering on which notebook or planner to get for the new semester, head to our Appointed collection now! 

Which stationery brand is your all-time favourite? And which destination do you have in mind for your next holiday? Don’t forget to share your ideas and thoughts with us in the comments below!

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