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我們覺得新一年最令人期待的事就是開始用新的手帳,而今年就想介紹一下Notem Studio的日程手帳 MILO 和 兩款筆記本 VITA 和 UMA 。

在過去幾年流行了丹麥語 “Hygge”,指的是獨自或與親人一起享受的舒適和滿足感。 對我們來說,沒有什麼比打開一本全新的手帳更hygge了。

來自丹麥的 Notem Studio 的產品主張簡約主義,靈感也來自北歐設計美學注重的空間和光線。由歐洲產的質感紙張製成,封面的極簡設計也為您的桌面增添時尚氣息。

Notem Studio Product

MILO Weekly Planner Book, Light Gray

首先我想介紹 Paper and Cards Studio 最熱門的週記事手帳 MILO。

MILO 總共56頁,輕便的尺寸及柔軟無塗層軟封面都適合隨身攜帶。 我最喜歡的部分是它可以平放在桌子上,不用壓下書寫,因此書脊也不會損壞。

Notem Studio Milo Undated Planner 無時效 日程本 手帳 北歐風

A quick wrap up:

  • Ideal for minimalists, and those who have big handwriting who don't want their planners to look too squished
  • Lightweight, portable
  • Lie-flat binding makes it loads easier to write in
  • Larger size might not fit in certain smaller handbags
  • Soft cover might crease easily, but as long as you take good care it should be fine!

接下來介紹在Notem Studio系列最小的 VITA 筆記本:

VITA 比 MILO 更加輕巧,封面的圖案比較簡單,但是紙質和可以攤開平放的特色也和 MILO一樣。橫間的內頁一共64頁,VITA 迷你的尺寸也不會佔空間, 把它隨身帶著也很方便。

VITA Softcover Notebook - Small, Athol Blue, Lined


      1. Grocery lists 購物清單
      2. Lecture notes 課堂筆記
      3. Recipe book 食譜紀錄
      4. To-do lists 待辦事項清單
      5. Daily diary entry 每天日記
      6. Penmanship practice book 筆法練習冊

Notem Studio Vita Notebook Cover

Here's a quick wrap up of the VITA:

  • Available in ruled, grids and plain and in two sizes, so you can pick the type that suits your purpose the best
  • This size could even fit in my tiniest tote! (unless you're carrying a minibag, of course)
  • A bit simple in terms of design, but it makes up for with its beautiful selection of colours

最後想介紹 Notem Studio 系列的 UMA 筆記本:

UMA一共有160頁;左面是空白的,而右面就印有橫間,適合喜歡在文字旁邊加一些構圖或草圖的人。UMA 和 MILO 和 VITA 一樣,都可以放平書寫。 UMA 有 Medium 和 Large 兩個尺寸,只是 Large 會重一些,比較適合放在家裡使用。

UMA Flat Lay Notebook - Large, Light Gray, Blank and Lined

Notem Studio Uma Notebook Lined Blank

Notem Studio Notebooks Lie Flat Binding

  • The combination of page types proves very useful for those who want to get the best of both worlds in one book
  • Well, it's quite heavy so not exactly ideal for hauling around. But that's what MILO and VITA are for!

你有寫手帳和筆記本的習慣嗎?如果對Notem Studio 的系列有興趣的話,可以瀏覽我們的網店,也可以逛Paper and Cards Studio 在觀塘的實體店看看其他的款色和尺寸啊!

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